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Active Living

The Active Living workgroup focuses on supporting safe and healthy physical activity. This includes all manner of recreation in Oxford County’s beautiful outdoor playground: hiking, biking, paddling, swimming, skiing, snowshoeing, and more. It also includes activities supported by the built environment, like skateboarding, playing at playgrounds, parks, ball fields, playing courts, ice skating at local rinks, and more. 

Key Accomplishments:

  • Two regional active community conferences were planned and carried out with significant help from this group. These half-day events offered breakout sessions topics, including:

    • Trail building 

    • Conducting walking audits

    • Signage

    • Advocacy

    • The National Safe Routes to School Program 

  • The conferences prompted the Maine CDC’s Division of Population Health to adopt a strategy of regional conferences to advance work supporting active communities statewide.

  • Helped to inform the content and design of materials for Oxford County Moves, a campaign to make it easier for people in Oxford County to stay healthy by walking and riding their bikes. These materials included a video and regional bike maps.

Please contact workgroup convener Brendan Schauffler for more info.

Strategy Maps:

This strategy map shows the workgroup’s thinking around what it will take to create positive change in regards to physical activity. Click on the map image to access a full set of maps, with more detail for what supports each strategy.


These are essentially progress reports for efforts to improve health in specific areas. The scorecards show measures that are tied to key strategies in the strategy maps, as well reflecting progress made by current initiatives. Click on the measures to access more information, like where the data came from and what progress looks like over time.

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