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Behavioral Health

This group is focused on improving understanding of mental health and substance use and reducing the stigma surrounding them, and helping those impacted by these issues to receive appropriate help. The group meets on the last Tuesday of each month are rotating locations around Oxford County.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Coordinated a retreat to support Behavioral Health professionals by rejuvenating them--this demanding and personal field is challenged by professional burnout--and connecting them to more effectively share resources.

  • Created a one-page resource guide to support law enforcement partners in responding to behavioral health calls.

  • Oxford County Mental Health Services wrote a grant proposal on behalf of this workgroup to fund Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training for law enforcement and first responders, allowing them access to a 40 hours of education on how to support people in crisis safely and appropriately. Two successful grants supported two rounds of this training, allowing every police department in the county to receive education.

  • The Oxford County Resiliency Project (OCRP) is an initiative that was organized out of the Behavioral Health workgroup.

Please contact workgroup convener Stephanie Leblanc of Oxford County Mental Health Services for more info.

Strategy Maps

This strategy map shows the workgroup’s thinking around what it will take to create positive change in regards to behavioral health. Click on the image to access a full set of maps, with more detail for what supports each strategy.


These are essentially progress reports for efforts to improve health in specific areas. The scorecards show measures that are tied to key strategies in the strategy maps, as well reflecting progress made by current initiatives. Click on the measures to access more information, like where the data came from and what progress looks like over time.

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