At last! Report released about a rural health forum we helped to host in May

On May 22, 2017, we helped to host a regional forum on rural health in equity--one of four regional forums held across the nation. USM's Rural Health Research Center was the lead on this event, and they worked closely with the NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis (out of the University of Chicago), who was the lead on the series of forums as they related to a larger project. The event was part of a study sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to look at opportunities to improve health and equity in rural places. Norway, Maine was chosen as a site largely because of the Collaborative's unique nature as a collective approach to improving health and wellness across a rural count

Recapping our Fall Gathering: MEJP Listening Session

Karen Wyman and Chris Hastedt from the Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP) joined us to host a listening session with us and learn what legislative priorities exist for the people of western Maine. Chris first provided some background about MEJP, which serves the needs of people with low income in Maine. MEJP emerged in the late 90s when Congress passed legislation outlawing groups like Pine Tree Legal from representing people with low-income in the legislature, in class action lawsuits, and before administrative agencies. MEJP formed so that advocacy and litigation services for Mainers with low income could continue. They focus mostly on Housing, Food, Health Care, and Income Support. Karen

Recapping our Fall Gathering: Public Health Advocacy 101 Training

On October 27th we hosted our Fall Gathering in Bethel and it was different than our normal gatherings. We used this opportunity to build up the ability of our members to speak up about what matters to them in regards to the laws and policies that impact their health and wellness. The first part of the event was a "Public Health Advocacy 101" training. The second part, a listening session with the Maine Equal Justice Partners, is covered in another post. Becca is the Executive Director for the Maine Public Health Association, as well as a researcher and adjunct professor at the University of Southern Maine. She’s also the evaluation partner for OCWC, helping us to understand the impact that

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