Want a good life? Work on good relationships.

Back in 2015, the people of Oxford County told us that the root cause of isolation, disconnection and not feeling valued was what was getting in the way of healthy, happy lives. A 75-year-old study on human development has confirmed the same thing: that good relationships--and not wealth or achievement or status--are the key to a good life. Check out this great TED Talk from Robert Waldinger, the current director of this Harvard study, who explains that the people who do the hard work of maintaining good relationships throughout their life are those who end up happier and healthier. Of course, relationships can be tricky business. Waldinger says: "So this message, that good, close relation

RCT at the Alan Day Community Garden

On Tuesday, June 26th, we had 28 participants at the Restorative Community Training at the Alan Day Community Garden in Norway! Youth Leaders and community members engaged with each other to learn what Restorative Community is all about. We could not have asked for a better day at the Garden! The sun was shining, chickens clucking, and the participants were eager to learn. Throughout the morning there were moments of understanding and listening to one another, getting to practice the "restorative" dialogue that is largely absent from today's society. Adult participants were appreciative of having younger voices there to give insight on what community means to them. These trainings aim to res

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