Overdose Awareness Day

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day, a day of remembrance of friends and loved ones who passed too soon from substance use disorders. For several years Maine has been experiencing the affects the opioid epidemic has had within its communities. In 2017, 418 people lost their fight with opioid use disorder in Maine and the numbers are still climbing in 2018. Today marks the beginning of National Recovery Month throughout September. The Western Maine Addiction Recovery is a group of caring individuals from across Oxford County that work on reducing the stigma around substance use disorders and provides resources through their website for those seeking further information on recovery o

Childhood Obesity & the Need for Environmental Change

Childhood obesity is still as much of a concerning health issue as it was ten years ago. The article, What will it take to reverse childhood obesity? More than a single solution, dives into why we have not made as much progress decreasing the instances of childhood obesity.

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