Youth Leadership Program @ The Garden

OCWC supports a few health initiatives across the county, the Youth Leadership Program at the Alan Day Community Garden being one of them! The Mission of the YLP is to empower young people to cooperatively create local, regenerative food systems. Youth provide community service while developing leadership and communication skills as part of an inclusive and hardworking team.

We all can play a part in reducing rural loneliness

The Oxford County Wellness Collaborative (OCWC) and our community partners have identified that isolation, disconnection, and not feeling valued is a root cause of poor health outcomes among community members across Oxford County. This has been a driving force in the work that OCWC and partners do day in and day out. We all want to be a part of something, whether it's a faith group, sports team, or advocacy group; the feeling of belonging is a basic human need that relates to our positive mental health. Oxford County is such a wide-spread, rural county that transportation and lack of mobility often leave people isolated from the places they'd like to go. As we move through the last cold, sno

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