Youth & Restoring Our Communities

What do you think of when you hear the word “Restorative”? Maybe you think of restoring a piece of old furniture or making something new and better than before. Now what if we adopted that concept of making something restored and apply it to our community at large? The Oxford County Wellness Collaborative has been doing this in our county community by offering Restorative Community Trainings. In these trainings participants practice the skills needed to hold respectful and meaningful conversations that build connections. They are taught to be more inclusive, welcoming and understanding, to acknowledge the gifts that all community members hold, and to be understanding of the challenges that m

Summertime & Restorative Conversations

The possibilities for all community members to impact health are all around us, although they may not be as obvious to all. Creating positive changes to benefit the health of our community doesn't come with a manual or packaged with a pretty bow on top. In times these changes come with incredibly hard decisions and conversations. Through the Wellness Collaborative's Restorative Community Trainings we provide the tools and skills to facilitate these conversations in a different way. We all have our own gifts to contribute to our community, to restore the way we work within our communities and build healthy connections so that everyone is contributing to the good of the whole. The restorative

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