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Collective Framework


The Collaborative has adopted a “collective framework” approach to its work to apply the values and beliefs we hold.  Basically, this means several important things:


  • The challenges the Collaborative is addressing are complex,and require the inputs and efforts of most if not all sectors of our communities. Acting alone, or even in small coalitions of two or three partners, is not enough. The Collaborative acts to pull together a lot of partners of all kinds to work on different elements of a shared vision and pathway to success.

  • Everyone who wants to be involved is part of the conversations deciding what to focus on and how, and everyone is invited to contribute to the progress we want to make. We work hard to be sure everyone has “a place at the table” and a voice in the decisions.

  • All members agree to look for opportunities to support each other’s work. We agree to be transparent about funding we are seeking so we can avoid wasteful competition with each other for resources, and can also be informed about what each other is doing to better align our efforts. 

  • We communicate continuously, sharing data about health and wellness that tells us how we are doing, reminding us of our shared goals and pathway to success, and helping us learn from each other and improve our efforts.

  • Members agree to share resources and “capacity” (things like extra office space, staff time, financial management staff, etc.). This means that no one organization is “in charge” or makes decisions for the whole Collaborative. It also means the Collaborative does not have to compete with other partners for funds to pay for the things a typical nonprofit has to pay for: office space, human resources, administrative staff, and more. By using the excess capacity of our many partners, the Collaborative can devote more resources to its mission.

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