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Funding Resources


For many years, we maintained a list of funding resources that we're aware of, in the hopes that making this information freely available will better support work to make Oxford County a healthier, stronger place. Unfortunately, we lack the capacity to keep that list current and complete. If you're in search of funding, we encourage you to be in touch. We may be able to provide recommendations about potential funding sources. 

If possible, we encourage you to become a member of the Maine Philanthropy Center, as that organization provides valuable information, available to their members, about Maine funders.

Collaborative Approaches to Funding

We encourage those who are seeking funding to be in touch with us. We can connect partners who have expressed an interest in applying for particular funding, and whose interests seem to align. We encourage members to speak up about what they're applying for so we can help look for opportunities to strengthen applications. This could range from simply stating that you’re a member of the Collaborative and view your proposal as supporting a shared strategy for improving community health to actively collaborating with one or more partners on a joint application. 

There is benefit to simply acknowledging one another in grant applications. To the extent that any partner is pursuing support for actions that fall within the broad vision for community health improvement outlined in our strategy maps (which you can find on the "Beyond Workgroups" pages, under the What We Do tab), it would be good to name this fact. Demonstrating to funders that there is a broader vision for building Oxford County up, and that our actions align toward it, can make for stronger applications.

Please note:
We're not suggesting that partnership is essential. Joint grant applications work sometimes and not others.
We're not requesting that you change your goals for a grant application. The Collaborative doesn’t ask members to change their missions, only to change how we go about reaching those missions—through working together better.

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