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Current Initiatives

Alan Day Community Garden

We partner with the Garden to support positive development and empowerment for youth through their Youth Leadership Program. This program also helps to establish more gardens to support healthy eating and community connections.

Community Concepts: Let’s Go, Let’s Grow

Working with the Community Concepts Head Start program, we're developing a resource kit to support Social Emotional Learning in early childhood care settings. This will help support emotional regulation and healthy relationships for children from an early age, helping to set the stage for a healthy life.

Oxford County Resilience Project

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are stressful or traumatic events. Unresolved ACEs can cause serious and longstanding health risks. We work with the Resilience Project to create supportive environments within school systems and the broader community to build the resilience that people need to heal from trauma.

Western Maine Addiction Recovery Initiative

WMARI is a grassroots coalition working to create a recovery ready community by raising awareness and reducing stigma around substance use treatment and recovery. WMARI engages the community through presentations to various groups, events such as the annual Western Maine Recovery Rally, and operates a program called Project Save ME to support people seeking treatment and recovery from Substance Use Disorder.

For more information about any of these initiatives, including how to get involved, please contact Brendan Schauffler via email or by calling (207) 739-1075.

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