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Healthy Food

This group seeks an equitable, resilient, healthy food system for Oxford County.  A food system includes everything that goes into how food is produced and how food goes from where it’s made to where it’s consumed, and the food waste that occurs during this process. 

Key Accomplishments:

  • Workgroup members helped to coordinate the first annual Western Foothills Food Festival in the summers of 16' & 17'. This celebration of local food was a huge success and has become a yearly event.

  • Member organizations, including two local food councils, have held food film showings, seed swaps, bulk seed orders, educational workshops, and more.

Strategy Maps:

This strategy map shows the workgroup’s thinking around what it will take to create positive change in regards to physical activity. Click on the map image to access a full set of maps, with more detail for what supports each strategy.


These are essentially progress reports for efforts to improve health in specific areas. The scorecards show measures that are tied to key strategies in the strategy maps, as well reflecting progress made by current initiatives. Click on the measures to access more information, like where the data came from and what progress looks like over time.

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