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We support improved health for all people across Oxford County.

One way we do this is by connecting people with the resources that they need to live healthier, happier lives. Looking for a resource? Let us help you find it! Please give us a call or send a message.

We also support collaborative work toward improving health. We are a network with members across the county and from a wide range of backgrounds. Our members have a lot to offer one another, from sharing knowledge to providing particular skills and services. By bringing these gifts together, we can accomplish more together than we might separately. We were born out of a desire to help people work together in a "smarter, not harder" fashion toward shared goals, and are committed to serving in that role.

In addition to helping partners help one another, we support work to improve health by offering help with...

  • Convening and facilitation

  • Connection to resources

  • Data and evaluation

  • Identifying potential funding sources

How can we support your work to improve health?

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