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How can we help support you to improve health?


When you request a service, we'll look amongst our partners to see who might be able to help.

If we can't find the help you need amongst our partners, we'll see if we have the internal capacity to meet your need. 


Your requests for services will be evaluated according to:

  • Degree of alignment with OCWC Values & Priorities

  • Project's potential to address isolation/disconnection/not feeling valued

  • Project's potential for improving community health

  • Project's feasibility

Please note that we're not able to offer all services for free, and we can work with you to plan for how to fund a request if necessary. 

OCWC reserves the right to use discretion in fulfilling or denying requests.

Access to Data

Need some data to help support your work? We can help! We keep track of many measures connected to community health and share our data with partners. If we don’t have the data you need, we can help you to find it.  

Connection to Services in Our Network

Our members have a lot to offer one another, from sharing knowledge to providing particular skills and services. We believe that everyone has something to contribute towards healthier, happier communities. Our Resource Directory lets us keep track of these contributions, and match those with needs with those who can help to meet those needs.  


We’re a network with many members, and some of our members are networks too. This means we have connections to lots of people in lots of places, and across many sectors and domains of work, throughout the county and state. When you have an idea that you want to bring to life, we can help connect you to potential collaborators (including those you may not have considered). 


We partner with evaluation experts to understand the impact of efforts aimed at improving community health. These partners help us to determine the right questions to be asking, as well as when and how to ask them. We can help you to understand whether your efforts are achieving the results you want.

Fiscal Sponsorship

We've developed unique partnerships with agencies who have helped out with fiscal sponsorship in the past. Using our connections, we can help to pair those seeking sponsorship with potential sponsors.

Grant Writing Support

Our staff has experience with the world of grants and can help with your grant applications. This may include reviewing an application, providing data, or helping to write one more sections of an application. Please note that we currently have very limited capacity to help with this service. 


Got an idea to improve health and wellness in Oxford County, but not sure how to move it forward? Let’s talk. We can help to think through your idea, assist with strategic planning, and determine potential collaborators, funding sources and fiscal sponsors. 

Letters of Support

A well written letter of support can be a powerful addition to a grant application. We can provide these letters for partners, whether writing them ourselves or working to help you secure them from other Collaborative members.

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