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Oxford County Health Data

We hope by sharing this Oxford County Health data, we can help to keep our community informed on current Oxford County health priorities, as well as trends and actions being taken to address these priorities. Health priorities are determined through the bi-annual Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) performed by Maine's CDC and major public health systems. The first set of health data below describe the 2021 community identified health priorities: access to care, mental health, social determinants of health, and substance and alcohol use. The second set of data describe actions taken by the community to address these health priorities. The third set of data reflect measures describing the root cause of isolation, disconnection and not being valued.

Data is sourced from a variety of databases and community partners. Please reach out with any further questions or comments regarding this information. If you use this data hub to support grant writing, collaborations or other community projects, please share your experience with us


CHNA - Community Health Needs Assessment

CHR - Community Health Rankings

PI - Priority Initiative

BH - Behavior Health

MIYHS - Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey

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