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Resources for Social Connection During COVID-19

Social connection is a critical component of good health and resilience building. Social connection improves physical health, mental and emotional well-being while decreasing anxiety and stress. COVID-19 has introduced unique challenges to staying connected with friends, community and loved ones. Knowing this, OCWC has put together a list of resources. These resources include innovative ideas for connection, tech support, virtual and outdoor meetup groups, isolation and disconnection assessment tools and more to help stay connected during these challenging times. Check out the menu to the right to quickly access resources relevant to you or review the full resource list below. Also, checkout our Social Connection Calendar chock-full of events to help stay socially connected while physically distanced. Finally, if you are seeking social services consider using MaineHealth's Aunt Bertha Resource Navigator.

We all need connection, especially during these stressful times, you can help yourself and others by reaching out!

For those who are interested in the science of social connection’s impacts on health, here are a few links!

Stanford University


American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine

High Five without Hands
Libraries offer an array of resources for all ages. Many libraries around the sate of Maine have transitioned to offering virtual programming during COVID-19. Check some of them out below!
Recovery resources are offered virtually across Maine, New England and the U.S. Links to support groups, recovery coaches and other resources can be found below.
Parents are being faced with many challenges during COVID-19, here are a few resources for social connection and support. Social engagement and connection are critical for kids and parents, especially during times of stress!
Teens socializing as a teenager is a critical component of development, don't let COVID be a barrier to a rich social life. Here are a variety of programs, resources and meetups. Find the social connection opportunity right for you and your teen.
Seniors may find connecting through technology challenging and may face unique vulnerabilities during COVID-19, the resources below seek to provide avenues for social connection while addressing these barriers. Also, check out the technology support section!
Care Givers when you are caring for others, it is more important than ever to have meaningful social support. These resources are aimed to help you find just that. 
Grief Support during this challenging time, you do not need to feel alone with grief. Maine hospice and bereavement services offer an array of opportunities to connect and be heard. Please reach out. 
LGBTQ+ find welcoming connection and community near you!
Chronic Illness can be challenging and isolating under normal circumstances, for many, COVID-19 has only emphasized this. Below are opportunities to connect and gain support from others experiencing or familiar with chronic illness. 
  • 6 Week Class Series - SeniorsPlus - series include Fall Prevention, Diabetes Prevention & Self-Management, Caregiver Support and Chronic Pain & Disease Management
  • Maine CDCP - Further Social Support Resources 
Cancer Support resources adapted to COVID-19 and uniquely tailored for the needs of current cancer patients, families, and survivors. Find support and community today.
Volunteer Opportunities volunteering is a great way to stay connected with your community while contributing positively. It builds internal and external resilience and generally just feels great! Below are a number of volunteer connection sites. Some are localized to your area, others are virtual volunteering opportunities unique to pandemic conditions. 
Outdoor Activity ResourcesMaine is full of wonderful opportunities to be in nature and 2021 is the perfect year to do just that. Call a friend, grab your mask and explore a nearby natural wonder. Look below and find a new mountain trail, spring sporting meet up, or a family farm adventure. 
Online Game Platforms nothing beats a game night with friends and family! Below are a variety of games perfectly suited for COVID-19 conditions. Some games are online adaptations of classic (or not so classic) board games and others are only suited to online venues. So dig into some tried and true or lean into the pandemic pivot and try something new!
Connection platforms & resources these video and voice platforms can be critical connection tools, especially when distance or COVID may prevent in person gatherings. Just because you can't be in the same space doesn't mean you can't hangout and see your loved ones faces.
Tech Support a critical component of many online connection opportunities is getting out technology to cooperate! These resources are here to support just that. 
Further Connection Resources and Ideas find unique ideas and tips for staying connected and mentally healthy!
Grief Support
Cancer Support
Chronic Illness Support
Volunteer Opportunities
Outdoor Activities
Online Games
Connection Platforms
Tech Support

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