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Fundraising to support Recovery Coaches

We're very fortunate to have Project Save ME operating in Oxford County. It allows people who are actively using substances to show up at a police station or at Stephens or Rumford hospital, turn over drugs and/or paraphernalia, and ask for help. (There are some stipulations: people with active warrants need to address those first and those with a history of violent crimes may not be able to enroll in the program.)

These people are paired with a Recovery Coach who will connect the individual to resources and advocate for that person during his or her recovery. Recovery Coaches play a critical role, helping to navigate treatment options and serving as part of a web of support for people in recovery.

We need more Recovery Coaches in Oxford County. Currently there are only two active Coaches serving the entire county. The Western Maine Addiction Recovery Initiative (WMARI) represents Oxford County, Maine, and coordinates Project Save ME. They are working to reduce barriers and increase access to treatment for those who are using substances. WMARI is raising funds through a Go Fund Me campaign to educate trainers, who could train more Recovery Coaches:

WMARI hopes to raise $10,000 to send 4 people to a Train the Trainer program at the Recovery Coach Academy in Connecticut and bring their skills back to Western Maine. This would build the capacity to train more Coaches, and support more people in recovery.

Please help to spread the word about this important campaign!

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