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Social Support During Recovery

Social Support is an important component of Recovery. Yes, people can and do recover from addiction on their own; however, studies and many anecdotes illustrate that to make recovery stick, having social support is key. Addiction can often be a lonely and alienating experience, and recovery can seem to be isolating too, especially when it may involve leaving certain friends or relationships behind.

Recovery meetings and recovery events offer opportunities to meet and build positive networks and support systems with other folks who know about the recovery process. Recovery groups offer a place to build self-confidence and coping skills, find recovery-oriented role models and recovery social activities, and these groups also offer accountability and goal setting opportunities.

There is a reason we have social support systems throughout life, family, school, work—these all involve groups of people supporting you through the challenging task at hand. No one expects us to figure out school without teachers, peers and guidance. The same is true for recovery. Recovery is a challenging task which often involves rebuilding many aspects of your life. This work should not be undertaken alone! Build a network of allies.

The Oxford County Wellness Collaborative has assembled a Social Connections Calendar and Resource Page where you can find recovery resources and support groups every day of the week. Find the right support group topic for you, some include: Overeaters Anonymous, PTSD Support, AA, Co-dependence Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous, Recovery Yoga, Creative Writing Recovery, SMART Recovery, CODA Recovery, All Recovery, Building Resilience Recovery, Family Recovery… just to name a few.

Featured Recovery Groups From our Calendar

Creative Writing Online Lakes Region Recovery Center

Tuesdays 10 AM - 11 AM

Physically and emotionally, recovery can be difficult. Having a way to express one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions throughout the journey can be very helpful; not only for the individual in recovery but others including family, friends, and colleagues as well. People in recovery need a place to openly express all that has happened without judgment or shame. Creative writing during recovery is one of the ways to clear one’s mind and heal.

All Recovery Online Lakes Region Recovery Center

Monday - Friday 3 PM - 4PM

Join us online on Zoom for this meeting that encompasses all who identify as being in Recovery

Featured Recovery Centers & Resources

Find Support Groups, Peer to Peer Support, Recovery Coaches, Addiction Counselors and more..


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