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Spring Gathering recap, thanks, and resources

We held our first-ever virtual gathering last week on June 7th and used the opportunity to share news of great work going on across Oxford County to build resiliency--which we need to build healthier communities.

You can download slides in either PowerPoint (it's a 39MB file and will take bit) or PDF form.

Since it had been a couple of years since we were last together, we put together a round-up of significant happenings in the community health world and sent that out to folks who registered. You can see it here.

Our presenters included:

Community members added to the conversation by sharing their perspectives of what it's been like to be involved with planting and hosting Hope Gardens or to work with others in the BCT project to develop a host of materials that will start to appear in the Oxford Hills area soon (and other regions of Oxford County a little later). Thanks to our presenters, to everyone who shared, and to all who attended. Feedback on the event has been overwhelmingly positive. People seemed to especially like the care packages we sent out in advance of the event (with tea, chocolate, a poem, trail maps, BCT materials, and more)!


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