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What happened to the workgroups?

In late 2017 our Steering Committee recognized that the original workgroup structure of the Collaborative had been useful in supporting an array of work, but that it was time to use what we’ve learned about collaborative work to refine the structure further. The group suggested changes that would allow OCWC to be more nimble, responsive, and better able to support ongoing, as well as emerging, work addressing health and wellness. We’ve used those ideas to make changes so that OCWC can better serve as a central hub of support.

While we have no standing workgroups, the health topics that our former workgroups focused upon continue to be of concern. We will continue to support work aimed at making improvements in those areas (healthy food, active living, behavioral health, community safety, and community engagement), as well as other aspects of health. If you'd like to be connected to current work in one of these health topics, or another aspect of health, please Contact Us.


Our former workgroups were instrumental in developing strategy maps to outline how to make change in each of their focus areas. These maps are useful for seeing the many “pieces of the puzzle” needing attention as we work toward improving health. Click on the map images below to access a full set of maps for each health topic, with more detail for what supports each strategy. 

Active Living Srategy Map.PNG

Strategy Maps:

These strategy map shows our former workgroups' thinking around what it will take to create positive change within these different health areas. Click on the map images to access a full set of maps, with more detail for what supports each strategy.

Community Safety Strategy Map.PNG
Healthy Food Strategy Map.PNG
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