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About Us

The Oxford County Wellness Collaborative (OCWC) came into being in 2011 in response to publication of the 2010 County Health Rankings, which showed Oxford County as 16th out of 16 counties in Maine in overall health. This alarming statistic spurred partners from across our county, and from many different backgrounds, to unite toward a common vision of improved health for all people.

There are many bright and passionate people doing good work throughout the county. The Wellness Collaborative exists not to take on additional work, but to strengthen and knit together the work that is already being done, helping partners to collaborate toward common goals. By working together, we can achieve greater results.

OCWC currently meets regularly, and welcomes input as well as new partners as it works to become the central hub of activity that supports the transformation of Health and Wellness in Oxford County.

You can see a history of the Collaborative's evolution and accomplishments here.


Oxford County is a place where all people enjoy full, connected lives, economic choice, and a healthy environment.


The Oxford County Wellness Collaborative engages all community members in working together to transform personal, environmental, and economic health by building strong relationships among people and organizations.

Key Strategy

Build meaningful connections among people in Oxford County. From this place of connection, caring and respect, people feel more invested in taking creative actions together that lead to a healthier county. “Whatever the problem is, community is the answer.”  (Berkana Institute)

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