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Steering Committee


The primary role of the Steering Committee is to guide and support the overall vision and strategy of the OCWC. This includes finding new and better ways for partners to collaborate, work together and to align efforts, rather than create new layers of work and tasks. The Committee effects this support by insisting on continuous evaluation, learning, and adaptive problem-solving.

A key responsibility of the Steering Committee is to ensure that the OCWC is fulfilling the roles of a backbone organization, which include:

  • Supporting aligned activities

  • Establishing shared measurement practices

  • Building public will

  • Advancing policy

  • Mobilizing funding

The Steering Committee is made up of Collaborative members who believe in the overall vision and strategy of the OCWC and are able to dedicate time to serve on the committee. Meetings of this group are open to OCWC members. Interested in joining the committee? Please email Brendan.

Current members include:

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