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Webinar: Tackling the Challenge of Social Isolation

The Tri-State Learning Collaborative on Aging will be hosting a free webinar on Friday, September 29 from 12PM - 1:30PM. "Social isolation increases as people age; factors such as disability and loss of loved ones can put older adults at risk of experiencing social isolation. In Northern New England, our geography plays a role in social isolation among older people; small towns with limited services and long rural roads with scattered homes make connecting with others more difficult as we age. The good news is that individuals and groups across our region recognize the importance of social connection, and are employing creative and effective strategies to address this issue. Join our next webinar to learn from people like the Dr. Lenard Kaye of the University of Maine, Becky Stockhaus Arbella, from the Deerfield – Bennington SASH Program, and Bill Primmerman and Debra Casey from Somerset Public Health. This panel of distinguished leaders from across our region has studied, developed and implemented initiatives to encourage social connection among aging members of our communities. And we are thrilled that they will share their learning, strategies and impact with us."

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