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Summertime & Restorative Conversations

photo courtesy of Alan Day Community Garden

The possibilities for all community members to impact health are all around us, although they may not be as obvious to all. Creating positive changes to benefit the health of our community doesn't come with a manual or packaged with a pretty bow on top. In times these changes come with incredibly hard decisions and conversations. Through the Wellness Collaborative's Restorative Community Trainings we provide the tools and skills to facilitate these conversations in a different way. We all have our own gifts to contribute to our community, to restore the way we work within our communities and build healthy connections so that everyone is contributing to the good of the whole. The restorative mindset can be used in many different ways. Please feel free to take a look.

The Oxford County Wellness Collaborative has been fortunate to team up with the Alan Day Community Garden in Norway to provide a Restorative Community Trainings at the garden. These trainings are open to everyone, and hosting them at the garden also allows the garden’s Youth Leadership Program (YLP) members to attend. The YLP teaches local students about gardening, food systems, leadership skills, and helps them to deepen their connection to their community. July 27 marked the third year in a row that the training was offered at the garden and included a group of YLP members. The Restorative Community Training builds onto the YLP curriculum as a way of improving confidence and leadership skills to have a successful and active role in community improvement. You can learn more about the YLP by visting

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