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Programs for Seniors in the Bethel Area

The Bethel Region Age-Friendly Community Initiative serves senior citizens in the Andover, Bethel, Gilead, Milton & Albany Township communities. Here are two FREE services:

1. The Handy Neighbor Program provides high school students to perform simple household chores for older adults. While they can’t be on call for quick snowstorms, you can request general help in clearing areas of your property – and for other chores.

2. The Neighbor-to-Neighbor (N2N) Volunteer Driver Program provides rides for over-60 residents of the AFCI communities - medical or non-medical, within a 30-mile radius. Please call at least 3 days in advance and understand that rides are dependent on the availability of drivers. Rides are always free, but many people have expressed a desire to donate to the cause, so your driver will have envelopes available for that purpose.

Contact the Bethel Region Age-Friendly Community Initiative at 824-4444 for more information!

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